gvinum / FreeBSD 6.1 / stale subdisks

Steve Peterson stevep-hv at zpfe.com
Thu Aug 17 19:00:51 UTC 2006

Greetings all --

I'm running FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE on i386 with a stock kernel, and am 
trying to build a 4 disk RAID5 array using vinum.  The issue is that, 
once the system is rebooted after initially creating the array, the 
subdisks come up as stale.

I first started by creating a 4 subdisk array on the 4 devices, with 
each subdisk sized at 200GB.  This configuration I used to test 
performance and verify the disk subsystem.  I used UFS2 with 64K 
blocks and 8K fragments.

I then deleted the volume, plex, and subdisks in order to do some 
performance testing on one of the drives using an fdisk-style 
partition with a UFS2 filesystem.  This filesystem was created using 
the same block/fragment settings.  I ran bonnie++ on this filesystem 
and did some bulk copies to check on performance.

I then returned to gvinum to recreate my RAID5 array.  The 
configuration file I used was similar to, but not exactly the same as 
the original configuration file as I wanted to try a different stripe 
size.  The filesystem was created with the same configuration as listed above.

After running gvinum create gvinum.config, formatting the filesystem, 
and mounting it, I am able to successfully use the filesystem to read 
and write data.  However, after rebooting, the subdisks all show as 
being stale, as shown below:

gvinum -> list
4 drives:
D drive03               State: up       /dev/ad4        A: 
38474/238475 MB (16%)
D drive02               State: up       /dev/ad6        A: 
38474/238475 MB (16%)
D drive04               State: up       /dev/ad8        A: 
38474/238475 MB (16%)
D drive01               State: up       /dev/ad10       A: 
38474/238475 MB (16%)

1 volume:
V vol1                  State: down     Plexes:       1 Size:        585 GB

1 plex:
P vol1.p0            R5 State: down     Subdisks:     4 Size:        585 GB

4 subdisks:
S vol1.p0.s0            State: stale    D: drive01      Size:        195 GB
S vol1.p0.s1            State: stale    D: drive02      Size:        195 GB
S vol1.p0.s2            State: stale    D: drive03      Size:        195 GB
S vol1.p0.s3            State: stale    D: drive04      Size:        195 GB
gvinum -> quit

There is not a /var/log/vinum_history file.  grep vinum 
/var/log/messages yielded the one line below:

Aug 16 23:36:08 archive kernel: 
g_vfs_done():gvinum/vol1[READ(offset=65536, length=8192)]error = 6

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.


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