TOP shows above 100% WCPU usage

Bill LeFebvre bill at
Thu Aug 17 05:31:50 UTC 2006

O. Hartmann wrote:
> I use FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE/AMD on an pure 64Bit box/environment, single 
> CPU Athlon 3500+, and sometimes I can see a 100%+ usage of WCPU in 
> 'xine' or 'transmission'. So this is definitely not related to multiple 
> CPUs.

WCPU is supposed to be weighted in some way to take swap time in to 
account.  It's possible that the weighting calculation is adding a bit to a 
nearly 100% value.  Try displaying just %CPU (the 'C' command I think?) and 
see if it is reporting over 100% for a normal (non-weighted) cpu percent. 
It shouldn't.  If it is, then there's something weird about the way the 
value is being tracked by the kernel.

Bill LeFebvre

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