FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE: Unexplained power off

Android Andrew [:] android at
Wed Aug 16 21:54:00 UTC 2006

It is fresh mobo (about 8 months). I've visually checked capacitors - it 
looks good.

Well, it is time to change something in my life: mobo or PSU, or disks, 
or memory, or something else....

Apatewna wrote:
> Another good indication for a hosed motherboard (probably caused by bad 
> power supply)
> is to check the large cylindrical capacitors between the processor and 
> the PS/2 ports. There are at most 10 of them.
> If the capacitors have a flat top head they are ok. If their top head is 
> curved upwards and it looks as if something leaked from within, then 
> your motherboard is not stabilizing the voltage at the levels it should 
> and all components get incorrect voltage. Time to change a mobo.
> Always remember that the most unusual/impossible problems come from 
> hardware related issues, this is a proven fact.

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