FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE: Unexplained power off

Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at
Tue Aug 15 11:49:11 UTC 2006

2006/8/15, Android Andrew [:] <android at>:
> Dennis Melentyev wrote:
> > Don't take it personally, but could it just power-off the monitor?
> > What does show the disk activity led?
> :)
> No, monitor shows there's no signal...
> Disk activity led and power led are off. Keyboard leds are off too.
> There is no network activity, no ping-reply...
Hm... According to this, no need for logging script: if network is not
responding, the whole system should have been halted... :(

Afraid there is only one way - to kernell debugger, but I not an expert there.

> > AFAIR, if you have to power-off manually (long pressing power button)
> > before power-on, it does will make FS dirty. Instead of real correct
> > power-off case.
> >
> > Try to make a simple script appending some log/file with timestamps,
> > wait untill your issue occurs, then check the time, wait for, say, 5
> > more minutes and then cold-start system again.
> >
> > I bet, the script will still be logging messages into the file while
> > system looks like "sleeping".
> Ok, I'll try it.

Dennis Melentyev

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