Lost IPv6 with ipfw in latest stable

Kevin Oberman oberman at es.net
Mon Aug 14 19:22:09 UTC 2006

For the first time since about may I have updated my 6-Stable system and
my firewall seems badly broken with IPv6.

1. Any rule with me6 is rejected as an unknown host
2. A rule of "allow ip from me to any" still is blocking IPv6
3. I am seeing ICMPv6 type 135 blocked even though I have a rule to
   explicitly allow it:
   allow ipv6-icmp from any to me ip6 icmp6types 134,135,136

When I booted up, the console said that "ipfw2 (+ipv6) initialized", but
it really looks like the IPv6 stuff is not working right. I did try to
explicitly add a rule permitting my IPv6 source to send to my DNS server
and that does appear to work.  

My firewall on my -current system seems to be OK except that 'me6' is
not accepted there, either. (I suspect the documentation needs updating.)

Am I doing something dumb or is something broken in ipfw?
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