IBM xSeries 336 dual Xeon hangs on boot when APIC enabled

Michael Landin Hostbaek mich at
Sun Aug 13 20:23:36 UTC 2006

Arjan van Leeuwen (avleeuwen) writes:
> I'm trying to boot FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE/amd64 on an IBM xSeries 336 machine
> with dual Xeons 3.2GHz installed.
> The installation was successful, but
> if I try to boot the SMP kernel, it hangs after detection of SCSI and ATA
> devices (possibly when doing the initialization of the mpt0 RAID controller,
> or when it tries to start the second CPU?).

I've just had a similar problem with an IBM xSeries 232 - it would not
boot with apic enabled.. I chased the problem down to the network
adapter (fxp) - and when disabling the planar ethernet in BIOS it would
boot with SMP.

I managed to get both NIC and SMP working by disabling a bunch of stuff
in the BIOS, fx both serial ports and also the floppy drive.

Your problem might not be related, but give it a shot !


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