Problems with Mitsumi 7-in-1 USB Card Reader/Floppy combo

Indigo 23 indigo23 at
Sun Aug 6 06:55:46 UTC 2006

Hello.  I recently hooked up a Mitsumi 7-in-1 USB Card Reader/Floppy
drive to my computer and ever since then, I cannot boot FreeBSD.  I
have an ASUS P5ND2-SLI motherboard (nForce 4), and the card reader is
hooked up to the internal USB on the motherboard itself.  Also, my
machine has a dual core processor, therefore SMP is enabled in my
kernel.  When I try booting (from hard drive or install disc), I get
the following error:

"panic: ohci_add_done: addr 0x000d1c40 not found

After that error, all I can do is reboot.  Also, of importance to
note, if I disconnect the card reader, I can boot fine.

I am not subscribed to this mailing list, so please CC all replies to
my address.


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