portsnap mirror servers

Martin Jackson mhjacks at swbell.net
Sat Apr 22 12:34:15 UTC 2006

>> I'm using 6.1-RC built on Apr 18 but that problem was there even on
>> 6.0-RELEASE
> Are you using an HTTP proxy?  The pre-6.1 series portsnap did not play 
> nicely with HTTP proxies.  There were some patches committed in March or 
> so to address PR's on the subject.  I haven't had an opportunity to test 
> the changes in my work environment (which requires HTTP proxy use) yet, 
> but they look promising.

Yech, sorry.  What I meant to say was that portsnap didn't play nicely 
with proxies *requiring authentication*.  The patches should address 
that, though I haven't tried them personally.

The way to specify auth information should be:


(from man 3 fetch).


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