em (+pf+vlan+bridge+netgraph) stop sending packets (?)

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru
Thu Apr 20 09:07:00 UTC 2006

>> 19.04.06, Yuriy Tsibizov <Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru> написал(а): 
>> I run a 6.1-RC (as of Apr, 14th) and after a day nothing can be sent from em interface.

>> It is a filtering+accounting bridge-on-a-stick, with em interface connected to 3Com 
>> Switch 4200 100Mbit (not Gbit) port with 4 tagged vlans on it: 

>> Polling was not used (I'll try to work with polling enabled on em0).
Polling doesn't help too

>> This machine also use netgraph netflow for traffic accounting on vlan interfaces, 
>> but shutting down all netgraph nodes does not help. 

>> Turning vlans, bridge and em down and up does not help too.

>> Traffic is received (I can see pairs of OSPF HELO messages from ISP router logged 
>> on pflog0 exactly every 10 seconds), but it looks like nothing can be sent. 

> try enabling pormisc mode on vlans 
It was enabled (it is enabled by default when you add interface to bridge, I think)
It also does not explain why it work for almost a day and then stops. On switch 
I can see zero RX counters on this port (and non-zero TX).


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