Norberto Meijome sys at meijome.net
Thu Apr 13 03:57:35 UTC 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:56:33 -0500
linimon at lonesome.com (Mark Linimon) wrote:

> Otherwise, you are going to get "we will do our best to provide a system,
> for free, that works as well as possible for as many people as possible.
> Good luck and help us to fix the inevitable bugs."  

Other than the part about "for free" and "help us fix the inevitable bugs", the
rest of this section, IMHO, applies perfectly to most software, in particular
to Washington state originated operating systems. 

I don't see what is particularly wrong with that approach...but if you have a
closed source system, the minorities that WANT a difference (be it bug fixed,
feature, you name it) would have almost no way to make  those differences a

Mr. Shih, if you believe that FreeBSD is not for you, please go ahead and
use something else. It is *YOUR* system we are talking about after all :)

btw, WHY did you try FreeBSD to begin with? just curious :)



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