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Tue Apr 11 00:32:09 UTC 2006

On Monday 10 April 2006 18:56, Mark Linimon wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 05:23:53PM +0400, Alexey Karagodov wrote:
> > ok. then, freebsd-developers may change "The Power To Serve" to "The
> > Power To Test", "FreeBSD is an advanced operating system " to "FreeBSD is
> > an advanced operating system in stage of forever development", etc. pay
> > money to use stable (working) product or help us to develope it for free
> > ...
> That's right.  You now understand what Open Souru ce/Free Software/and so
> forth are all about.
> If you want something where guaranteed support comes bundled with the
> operating system, get Windows and a support contract, Solaris and a
> support contract, or possibly RedHat (or equivalent) and a support

that is probably an illusion you pay as long you do not depend on it but soon 
you need it you could discover a reality which might be worse than setting on 
open source

this is perhaps a case dependent situation and please do not flame me on this, 
you may have better experience dependent on your case or the skills of your 
support - but unfortunatly the reality is pretty close to what I said - or 
even worse

probably you paid all time to free your mind from preoccupations but certainly 
you paid for getting deeper into dependency  

then when you discover what means *NIX is free in all terms you have few 

- you pay more to get some "special" attention from your support
- try to catch up with knowledge in order not getting fucked again

because certainly you became stupid (technical speaking) trusting your 
contract and not beeing forced to understand your system (may be exactly what 
you wanted...?)

means your supposed freedom was castrated by your own imagination and you got 
caught - well done ... 

so better you get ready by thinking right before beeing the fool again

> contract. Otherwise, you are going to get "we will do our best to provide a
> system, for free, that works as well as possible for as many people as
> possible.

that ,,, is probably a very underestimated statement because the result is 
much much better then this "as well as possible"


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