Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Sun Apr 9 22:46:32 UTC 2006

Zaphod Beeblebrox wrote:

> If you have a dual-em card in this server, you should get better performance
> putting your primary load out the em interface(s).  In general, we've
> benched the em (and to a lesser extent, the fxp) interfaces as performing
> much better than other ethernets (especially bge).  I have a bge on my
> laptop --- and for the most part I don't have problems --- but I wouldn't
> put bge's in my servers and if they come with them on the motherboard, I
> don't use them.

I have the opposite experience.  There are some configurations where bge
has problems, but those are more in the 'it can't get link' category. 
The e1000 hardware has certain limitations that make it scale poorly 
under very high load.


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