GEOM_RAID3: Device datos is broken, too few valid components

José M. Fandiño freebsd4 at
Thu Apr 6 19:01:20 UTC 2006

Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
> +>  Unfortunately, the metadata structure of my data partition (a geom raid3
> +> array with tree components   ) seems to be corrupted by this hard lock,
> +> the following message is scrolled constantly on the screen:
> +>
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos created (id=3217021940).
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos: provider ad6s2 detected.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos: provider ad5s2 detected.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos: provider ad4s2 detected.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Component ad6s2 (device datos) broken, skipping.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Component ad4s2 (device datos) broken, skipping.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos is broken, too few valid components.
> +> GEOM_RAID3: Device datos destroyed.
> +>
> +> Checking the search engine results it isn't a very usual problem, the advice
> +> in the returned hits is rerunning "graid label -h datos ad4s2 ad5s2 ad6s2",
> +> but before of erasing all my data I would like to ask to list members.
> +>
> +> How dangerous is running the mentioned command in this context?
> You should be safe as long as the order of slices you give here is the
> same as it was when device was initially labeled.

I don't remember the exact order (my history file is only 2000 lines
long :) however I'm going to duplicate two disks, because they are 
the minimum necessary to reconstruct the raid3, and I will do some tests 
over them, so I can maintain intact the original disks.

> Of course (as I understand) one of those broken components was really
> broken, right? If yes, you should 'graid3 rebuild' it immediatelly after
> 'label' command. If no, you should still rebuild one of them after
> labeling it.

no, it was a collateral damage. 

The initial problem was a faulty disk in the system raid1 blocking the
computer, after the reboot the data raid3 disks show the cited message.

I will try to follow your advice and tell something to the list.
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