geom_mirror and ggatec/d safe for filesystem replication?

Colin Farley Colin.Farley at
Sat Sep 24 14:03:16 PDT 2005

   I can't say if this config is safe because I don't have any exper   ieince with it. But, I can say that I use rsync to sync filesystems on
   two    failo   filesyst   the backup.    network between the t   normally fairly small.    for about 9 or 10 months.     alternative if it is practical for    replicate.

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     Date: 09/24/2005 09:21A     Subject: geom_mirror and ggatec/d safe for filesystem
     Consider the following scenario:
     - Machine 1 has a UFS filesy     - It is mirrored to a block device on machine 2,     geom_mirror
      and ggatec/ggated
     - Machine 2 mounts this      My question is: is this last step safe?
     When an update occurs on machine 1, certain disk blocks will change
     "under     the nose" of machine 2's mounts. Will all necessary caches be
     invalidat     (e.g. block caches, inode caches) Or could this result in nasty
     beha     up to and including panics?
     If so, is there a safer or bet     filesystem
     Brian Candler.
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