FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE-p16 on ESX Server 2.5.1

Colin Farley Colin.Farley at
Fri Sep 23 14:08:42 PDT 2005

I'm having a problem with my FreeBSD virtual machines on the production HP
DL360 G4p servers we are using.  In test I used a weaker ESX box and never
had the issue.  The problem is when rebooting the virtual machine it will
sometimes hang at "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle".  This
never happened on the test box and I have never encountered it before.
Furthermore, if I use Vmotion (to move the virtual machine to a different
ESX host) and bring the virtual machine up on another ESX server everything
is fine and the virtual machine boots normally.  Because of this I figured
that it was an ESX problem and decided to put a support ticket in with
them.  They replied with this:

"The particular "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle" message you
are getting with FreeBSD is a known issue with the FreeBSD system that
on physical systems as well.

The work around for it is to edit your kernel config file with 'OPTIONS
SCSI_DELAY=1000' and to
rebuild and install the new kernel"

To me this doesn't sound right, can anyone confirm?


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