Advice sought on upgrading from 4.11-R to 5.4...

Brad Knowles brad at
Wed Sep 21 12:42:33 PDT 2005


	I've seen the migration guide at 
<>, and the 
thread at 
but I was wondering about the specific sequence of the upgrade 

	In particular, I'm wondering if I should go from 
RELENG_4_11_0_RELEASE direct to RELENG_5_4, or if I should instead go 
first to RELENG_5_0_0_RELEASE then to RELENG_5_4?

	I think the individual steps to follow and commands to execute 
during the upgrade are clear enough.  But it's not obvious to me as 
to which precise CVSup targets should be used to pull down the source 
that would be compiled, etc....

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