burncd input output error

Andrew Sparrow spadger at spadger.best.vwh.net
Sun Sep 18 09:19:07 PDT 2005

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 10:09:54AM +0200, Andreas Klemm wrote:
> I see this needs more investigation.  Maybe it has to deal with
> the exit status I had (!=0).
> I will do a test burn now with burncd reading from a file
> instead from a pipe. Let's see if it behaves different then.
> Hmm even if reading from a file I get this exit status 74.
> root at titan[ttyp2]{234} /export/isos burncd -v -s max data xxx.iso fixate
> adding type 0x08 file xxx.iso size 238792 KB 119396 blocks
> next writeable LBA 0
> addr = 0 size = 244523008 blocks = 119396
> writing from file xxx.iso size 238792 KB
> written this track 238792 KB (100%) total 238792 KB
> fixating CD, please wait..
> burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error
> Exit 74

Have you tried cdrecord? You pretty much only need to add ATAPICAM
to the kernel, although If you don't already have SCSI support on
the machine, you'll need to add that (cd, scbus, pass) too, of

Even if you get the same error, it'll provide much more detailed
diagnostic information (maybe there's a flag to burncd to switch
that on?).

What brand of blank are you using? There's some really cheesy
generics - and some even worse Chinese pirates - around...

Also, if the drive's firmware mis-identifies the blank, this could
cause it to use a poor (or downright wrong) strategy for it, which
likely would cause you problems as well.

Handy to have some RWs around for testing like this, too.

Good luck!


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