vinum or gvinum

Tomas Palfi tpalfi at
Thu Sep 8 04:43:17 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am still struggling to set up a one way mirror on two 72GB disks on
5.4 intel platform, however, there seems to be a lot of confusion about
what to use in the first place. this is vinum v gvinum.  I have managed
to get to the point where I can fsck all volumes, however when rebooting
the box would not come back giving me this:

vinum: loaded
vinum: no drives found
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/gvinum/root
setrootbyname failed
ffs_mountroot: can't find rootvp
Root mount failed: 6

Tried to configure the same with gvinum replicating the vinum.conf,
however, still nothing.  You know, when you are creating the vinum
volume in bsdlabel and offsetting it with 16 blocks giving it vinum
format, do you change this for gvinum as well??? my config would not
have it, I can save it?

I also tried the geom_vinum_load="YES" in the /boot/loader.conf,
however, should I have vinum.autostart="YES" there as well for the
gvinum?? On another occasion I have edited /etc/rc.d/vinum changing the
start_cmd to "gvinum start" - nothing happened???

Also in the vinum.conf file that I laboriously create each time I try,
is the 

drive Master device /dev/da0s1h 

with the h which is the slice which I create in the bsdlabel or is it
the device name /dev/da0s1a for the root volume?? Non of it worked for

Help me out from here please.  This is supposed to be a production
server and I have spent two days on it already.  




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