Network performance 6.0 with netperf

Sten Daniel Sørsdal lists at
Wed Oct 19 14:33:33 PDT 2005

Michael VInce wrote:

> I reinstalled the netperf to make sure its the latest.
> I have also decided to upgrade Server-C (the i386 5.4 box) to 6.0RC1 and
> noticed it gave a large improvement of network performance with a SMP
> kernel.
> As with the network setup ( A --- B --- C  ) with server B being the
> gateway, doing a basic 'fetch' from the gateway (B) to the Apache server
> (C) it gives up to 700mbits/sec transfer performance, doing a fetch from
> server A thus going through the gateway gives slower but still decent
> performance of up to 400mbits/sec.

Are you by any chance using PCI NIC's? PCI Bus is limited to somewhere around 1 Gbit/s.
So if you consider;
Theoretical maxium = ( 1Gbps - pci_overhead )

Sten Daniel Sørsdal

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