twa kernel panic under heavy IO

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Fri Oct 7 18:36:15 PDT 2005

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> Vinod Kashyap wrote:
> >>How did you figure out the versions? I'm looking at his 
> dmesg, and my 
> >>own, and I'm not seeing the version info in a recognizable form. I 
> >>must admit that I haven't been able to grok the 3ware 
> version numbers 
> >>at all, so maybe I'm dense.
> >>What am I missing?
> > 
> > 
> > and 9.2 are releases from 3ware, of packages of 
> software and 
> > firmware for 9000 series controllers.  The driver version he has 
> > ( is from the release, and is part of 
> FreeBSD 5.4.  
> > The driver version corresponding to the 9.2 release that's on 5 
> > -STABLE is  You can view/download the 
> different releases 
> > from 3ware on the 3ware website.
> Thanks, that helped. I take it that you just have to know 
> this somehow? Is there a list somewhere that shows the 
> mapping between FreeBSD, driver, and firmware versions?

Under 'Release Notes to View', select '<release>_Release_Notes_Web',
and you will get to a page which lists the version of each individual
component that's part of the release, among other things.

> The 3ware page has, which is what I updated to when I 
> installed my 9500, but since then I've cvsup'd to 5-stable. 
> Do I now have mismatched driver-firmware versions? How do I 
> check this in the future? (besides bothering you about it)

The 9.2* versions are compatible.  There are small incompatibilities
if you are mixing 9.1* and 9.2*.
> And since we're there any reason to update to 9.3 
> if I only have a 9500S?

Either way should be fine.

> Thanks

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