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Thu Oct 6 08:19:00 PDT 2005

On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 04:00:53PM +0100, Yann Golanski wrote:
> Well, I like the new design very much.

It's only a matter of taste ... I don't like it ...

> It's simpler and has less wha on the front page.  The top bar thingy
> gives you a nice and clear menu to find more information and has a
> search box well visible.  You can scan the whole page in a short
> time which is good.  Web page where you get 100 links are useless.

I think one can find a good compromise between the new "portal-like"
site and the old one.

I don't like an upper navigation bar, simply because every thing on a
computer screen just work like that (your browser have all its control
on the top, most desktop have a task bar on the bottom of screen
and/or a menu on the top) and the available vertical space for the
real content is very short. Having a side-bar was a fine way to manage
this space ...

Another point on the design : this web-site looks like other
"vertically centered and lost in the middle of my huge monitor"
web-site that you find on the web, again, monitor are wider than
taller, why restrain horizontal space ?

But, this is a bike-shed discussion ...

> So what?  No cookie, page still loads hence no bother.

The real question is : why the site needs cookies ?

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