Reduced java/tomcat performance 6-beta3 -> 6-stable ?

Chris chris at
Wed Nov 30 21:41:27 GMT 2005

>>>> Clearly they're not 100% equal, but (100-epsilon)%.  Your job is to
>>>> identify the origin of the epsilon :-)
>>> Yea yea ;) Working on it..
>>> Is there a way to force ACPI-safe on the slower system?
> I'm upgrading BIOSes on both boxes now, even though they seem equal.  
> Then I'll see what ACPI debug output shows me. If you have any other  
> hints or ideas, please let me know...  thanks so far.

I missed the beginning of this thread so sorry if this is impractical or 
stupid suggestion but could you swap hard disks between machines? At 
least that might tell you if it is a hardware/bios or operating system 


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