Current DRM for 6-STABLE

Eric Anholt eta at
Tue Nov 29 07:06:14 GMT 2005

I've put a patch at for a
merge of the DRM in -current to 6-STABLE.  I don't intend to merge it
soon, but it may be of use to people who are enjoying life on 6-STABLE
otherwise, and expand the testing before I do commit.  Commit message
from -current:

Update DRM to CVS snapshot as of 2005-11-28.  Notable changes:
- S3 Savage driver ported.
- Added support for ATI_fragment_shader registers for r200.
- Improved r300 support, needed for latest r300 DRI driver.
- (possibly) r300 PCIE support, needs X.Org server from CVS.
- Added support for PCI Matrox cards.
- Software fallbacks fixed for Rage 128, which used to render badly or hang.
- Some issues reported by WITNESS are fixed.
- i915 module Makefile added, as the driver may now be working, but is untested.- Added scripts for copying and preprocessing DRM CVS for inclusion in the
  kernel.  Thanks to Daniel Stone for getting me started on that.

As far as i915 goes, apparently people have had it successfully attach
to the drmsub device, which I never managed to when I had an
i915-supported device.  After that there was an AGP issue that I hope I
fixed, so it needs testing now, and may Just Work.

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