Rotating web server logs without restarting Apache

Luke Hollins lwh at
Fri Nov 25 12:11:38 GMT 2005

Ladislav Bodnar wrote:

>Every time my httpd-access.log file is rotated I need to restart Apache, 
>otherwise it won't write into the new httpd-access.log file.
>Is there a way for Apache (version 2.0.55 on FreeBSD 6.0) to write to the 
>new log file without the need to restart it? I restart it routinely from a 
>cron job, but occasionally Apache fails to restart (or more precisely, if 
>fails to shutdown completely before it is told to come up again).
If you send it kill -USR1 instead of restarting it, it will close and 
re-open the logfile(s).


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