ciss(4) driver in FreeBSD 6.x ...

Paul Saab ps at
Thu Nov 24 18:23:32 GMT 2005

Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> Hi ..
>   Having read the man page, there is alot in there that makes me 
> wonder whether going with a HP Smart Array P600 is a wise idea ...
>   "The Compaq ciss adapters require faked responses to get reasonable 
> behavior out of them.  In addition, the ciss command set is by no 
> means adequate to support the functionality of a RAID controller, and 
> thus the supported Compaq adapters utilize portions of the control 
> protocol from earlier"
>   I'm specifically looking at the Proliant DL360, which has this card 
> ... can you provide any comments, or insight, concerning what the man 
> page states? Should I shy away from this controller? :(

The P600 should work just fine.

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