DHCP client error: domain_not_set.invalid

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Tue Nov 22 15:12:42 PST 2005

Mark Andrews wrote:

> 	Yes it is reasonable to expect ISP to fix things like this.
> 	You pay the ISP to operate there part of the network within
> 	the operational contraints of the RFCs (Standards track and
> 	BCP).

I totally agree. Make sure when calling tech support on things like 
this that you are *not* asking them to provide FreeBSD support, that 
you can handle that angle of the connection quite well, thanks. 
Explain that the evidence shows that their system appears to violate 
global connectivity standards (if you can name which RFC and exactly 
how it's violated, great, but don't expect first tier help desk 
phone operators to understand that as it is probably way, way beyond 
their troubleshooting script).

Then when the help desk staff goes "uhm...", politely ask to be 
escalated to second tier and clearly and politely state your case 
there, again making it clear that you are *not* asking for FreeBSD 
support, but support by them of global connectivity standards that 
every ISP ought to be respecting.

At least you have a chance of getting your trouble ticket marked 
something like "Unresolved -- Bug" instead of "Resolved -- 
Unsupported OS". That is to say, the kind of ticket that 
self-escalates to engineers and managers somewhere away from the 
help desk proper.

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