Centralized building

Brandon Fosdick bfoz at bfoz.net
Sat Nov 19 18:26:19 GMT 2005

Eirik Øverby wrote:
> I've spent about a week trying to accomplish a rather simple task: To 
> build kernel and world once for each architecture we have, and 
> distribute this precompiled src and obj tree via NFS to all the  systems
> that need updating. I have combined this with a locally  maintained CVS
> tree, in order to assure coherent releases being  installed on all our
> systems.

AFAICT cross-compiling amd64 on a i386 machine isn't supported yet. I ran into a similar problem when I upgraded an i386 machine to amd64. I thought I could just set CPUTYPE=athlon-64 and buildworld would do the right thing. Apparently not. 

I haven't bothered to try building i386 on an amd64 box though. Maybe you'll have better luck with that.

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