em devices not sending proper arp packets ...

Jon Simola jon at abccomm.com
Mon Nov 14 12:40:04 PST 2005

On 11/14/05, Marc G. Fournier <scrappy at hub.org> wrote:

> There is a problem with the latest 4-STABLE where when you move an IP from
> one server on the network to a new one, a proper arp packet isn't being
> sent upstream, so the router isn't getting the change ...

> Does anyone have a 'work around' for this?

arp -s 00:00:10:20:30:45 pub

On the "old" owner of the ip address, publish the MAC of the new owner
( being the ip that was moved, 00:00:10:20:30:45 being the new
MAC). I do this all the time as someone set this stupid Cisco switch
up with a 2 hour ARP cache and I can't change/disable it.

Once you verify that the router gets updated, delete the published arp entry.

Jon Simola
Systems Administrator
ABC Communications

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