Rob spamrefuse at
Tue Nov 1 23:43:35 PST 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> You've clearly never spent much time on the FreeBSD
> support forums, where every few days someone posts
> for help
> 1) with an error caused by removing one of those
> "Do not remove this!" lines, and
> 2) for help on getting X working when they forgot
> to add /dev/io and /dev/mem to their kernel.

I believe *BSD can offer a better solution for such

For example, when having firewall_enable="YES",
then /etc/rc.d/ipfw does:

 if ! ${SYSCTL} net.inet.ip.fw.enable; then
   if ! kldload ipfw; then
     warn unable to load firewall module.
     return 1

So if ipfw is not supported by the kernel, this
script will automagically load the ipfw module,
or issue a warning what is missing.

(Similarly, but not yet implemented, /etc/rc.d/sshd
should automagically load the random module, if
not in the kernel).

My point is then to follow this strategy also for X:
instead of a DEFAULTS file, have a /etc/rc.d/xdm
script, which starts X and loads the modules io/mem
if needed.


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