After Install -- Where is FreeBSD?

Benjamin Sher delphi123 at
Mon Jun 20 17:36:26 GMT 2005

Dear friends:

I just installed FreeBSD 5.4. I have two primary HD: the first disk holds
WinXP, the second disk now has FreeBSD.

Well, the good news is that my first install of FreeBSD went perfectly. I
selected ALL for installation of ports and packages so it took a good hour
to install everything from my two CD's. And some of the packages encountered
an error and could not be installed (they told me to look in the debugger
for details).

Windows XP came through completely unscathed and in perfect working order on
my first primary HD.

All that's missing now is FreeBSD. After completing my install, I exited.
FreeBSD exited normally, then rebooted. But no sign of FreeBSD. Instead,
Windows came up. I do recall choosing to have a boot manager but never
actually saw the screen and boot-up options. So, I went back into Free BSD
by switching back to the CD in my Bios, but that's as far as I dare go on my
own. What should I do? Am I missing something?

Thank you all so much.


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