re0 "no carrier" problem - Patches found in archives didn't work.

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sun Jun 19 19:53:32 GMT 2005

At 07:09 AM 19/06/2005, Marcin Koziej wrote:

>When I set the media by hand it showed 'active', but no data could be 
>(yellow link diode on switch, not blinking). I then pulled the switch with 
>my home
>lan from the wall and plugged my re0 instead - It worked!
>So this seems to be the %$R#(@%*$ switch issue. The funny thing is, that 
>with media
>set manually (or sometimes with autoselect) everything works fine with 
>this switch
>(i have used it all day yesterday till evening without problem). Now, when i

Both sides have to agree to the setting.  ie if the switch is set to 
autoneg, your network card must also be set to autoneg and vice 
versa.    Unless its a managed switch, leave the NIC as autonegotiate.  If 
its still failing, I suspect its something with the re driver.  Its 
possible the NIC and switch dont like each other (it has happened in the 
past with certain vendors) but this is pretty rare these days.


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