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> Hi Cian,
> "Cian Hughes" <cianlists at> wrote in message 
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> > Do you also have a hanging problem if you shutdown with `shutdown -
> > p now`?
>   No, the problem it's only with the reboot command.
> > Are you using ACPI?
> > Have you ensured you are using the latest BIOS for you system?
>    I turned off the ACPI from the BIOS. (but from the dmesg it seems
> on)

You need to add a line to /boot/device.hints to disable acpi:


FWIW, I've been seeing the same problem on both my 32-bit Athlon box
and on my Athlon 64, both running 5.4-STABLE.

One thing I've discovered is that the machine will reboot properly if
booted in single-user mode.  It appears to be only a problem when
shutting down from multi-user mode.  The shutdown process gets as far
as outputting the "Uptime:" line, and then just hangs.

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