MS USB Wireless Mouse

Michal Vanco vanco at
Mon Jun 13 12:24:16 GMT 2005


my problem with %subj% continues. Recently I have forced ums to detect 
it as mouse but there are still some weird things.

ums0: Microsoft Microsoft USB Wireless Mouse, rev 2.00/0.17, addr 2, 
iclass 3/1
ums_attach: bLength=7 bDescriptorType=5 bEndpointAddress=1-in 
bmAttributes=3 wMaxPacketSize=8 bInterval=10
ums0: 5 buttons and Z dir.
ums_attach: sc=0xc1bcb800
ums_attach: X   48/8
ums_attach: Y   56/8
ums_attach: Z   64/8
ums_attach: B1  40/1
ums_attach: B2  41/1
ums_attach: B3  42/1
ums_attach: B4  43/1
ums_attach: B5  44/1
ums_attach: size=11, id=19

... seems like reported locations X,Y,Z and buttons are wrong.

any clues?

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