FreeBSD 5.4: Is it generally unstable?

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Thu Jun 9 13:15:01 GMT 2005

Vulpes Velox wrote:

> I just had to try the USB part... other than having to unmount it and
> remount it, I had no problems.

What did you do?

I just tried it again, and get:

# umount /dev/da0s1
umount: unmount of /ipod failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

And that stays that way, until reboot, rendering the da0s1 device

umount -f produces an instant reset. No panic, nothing, just *zapp* and
the machine resets itself.

halt gives up on synching buffers after a while (or produces a panic,
like I got in earlier "attempts"), rendering the filesystems unclean on
the next boot.

That's on 5.4-STABLE of perhaps 1-2 weeks ago.


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