5.4 panic at lockmgr - update

Kachun Lee kachun at pathlink.com
Tue Jun 7 16:13:09 GMT 2005

"Kris Kennaway" <kris at obsecurity.org> wrote in message 
news:<20050521063233.GA51618 at xor.obsecurity.org>...
 >On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 04:39:19PM -0700, Kachun Lee wrote:
 >> I upgraded a server from 4.10 to 5.4-rel and it paniced at soon as I 
put >> some load on it...
 >> panic: lockmgr: thread 0xfffffffe, not exclusive lock holder 
0x76fe0300 >> unlocking
 >> The hardware is a Intel 7501 with a single 3G Xeon 6G mem. I tried >> 
disable option MP and made no difference. Any help or suggestion!?

 > Run 'show lockedvnods' and then 'trace <pid>' for each pid listed.
 > Also, if you can explain how to reproduce this it would be greatly
 > helpful.
 > Kris


I re-installed 5.4 on the server and below was the pid trace when it 
panic'ed. I rebooted and panic'ed it again to be sure. Both time, it got 
the same pid. It just panic'ed by itself when the network traffic started 
to build up. I had top running, but I could not really finger any one 
program that caused it.

Thanks for looking into this!


panic: lockmgr: thread 0xfffffffe, not exclusive lock holder 0x76fbd180 
KDB: enter: panic
[thread pid 100 tid 100111 ]
Stopped at      0x6f33996f:     nop
db> show lockedvnods
Locked vnodes
0x7741bd68: tag devfs, type VCHR, usecount 339, writecount 0, refcount 9, flags
(VV_OBJBUF), lock type devfs: EXCL (count 1) by thread 0x76fbd180 (pid 100)
         dev ad0s1a
db> trace 100
Tracing pid 100 tid 100111 td 0x76fbd180
kdb_enter(6f4a78f2) at 0x6f33996f
panic(6f4a6524,fffffffe,6f4a650e,76fbd180,fffffffe) at 0x6f322e8b
lockmgr(7741be14,6,7741bd68,0,bcd0ea1c) at 0x6f317aad
vop_stdunlock(bcd0ea4c,bcd0ea28,6f2eaeef,bcd0ea4c,bcd0ea68) at 0x6f36d69f
vop_defaultop(bcd0ea4c,bcd0ea68,6f2eb47c,bcd0ea4c,1000) at 0x6f36d54f
spec_vnoperate(bcd0ea4c,1000,bcd0ea48,77125700,bcd0eab4) at 0x6f2eaeef
spec_write(bcd0ea94,bcd0eae0,6f444271,bcd0ea94,6f3ce895) at 0x6f2eb47c
spec_vnoperate(bcd0ea94) at 0x6f2eaeef
vnode_pager_generic_putpages(7741bd68,bcd0ebf0,1000,0,bcd0eb70) at 0x6f444271
vop_stdputpages(bcd0eb28,bcd0eb14,6f2eaeef,bcd0eb28,bcd0eb54) at 0x6f36ddea
vop_defaultop(bcd0eb28,bcd0eb54,6f44400e,bcd0eb28,1000) at 0x6f36d54f
spec_vnoperate(bcd0eb28) at 0x6f2eaeef
vnode_pager_putpages(6f841318,bcd0ebf0,1,0,bcd0eb70) at 0x6f44400e
vm_pageout_flush(bcd0ebf0,1,0,bcd0ebcc,6f332d3b) at 0x6f43bb23
vm_pageout_clean(70ad8944) at 0x6f43ba51
vm_pageout_scan(0) at 0x6f43c8b0
vm_pageout(0,bcd0ed48) at 0x6f43d5d6
fork_exit(6f43d2c4,0,bcd0ed48) at 0x6f30e158
fork_trampoline() at 0x6f46702c
--- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xbcd0ed7c, ebp = 0 ---

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