filesystems not properly unmounted

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Fri Jun 3 02:09:29 GMT 2005

Don Lewis wrote:

> That might help to an extent, but would not eliminate the problem.  Any
> file systems between root and the mount point of the ext2 file system
> would be busy and would not be able to be unmounted.  They would still
> be marked dirty and would need to be fsck'ed after the reboot.

Ah, ok.  I think I understand how it works..  BTW., does the 2GB limit
for files still apply for ext2 (mounted on FreeBSD, obviously)?  I think
I encountered this on 5.2.1 when ext2 was commented out from the kernel
Makefile (as module) and marked as "broken" but I needed it (this was
when I also encountered that "won't clean buffers" problem in the same
way as the OP.)


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