filesystems not properly unmounted

Don Lewis truckman at
Thu Jun 2 23:53:55 GMT 2005

On  2 Jun, Charles Swiger wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2005, at 4:56 PM, yuval levy wrote:
>>> If it's a pain to remeber, maybe try sticking
>>> something in rc.shutdown?
>> Thank you for trying to help, but I do not find this
>> reply helpful. That's a quick and dirty fix, not a
>> solution.
> [ analogy snipped... ]
>> Quick and dirty fixes are ok for the short term, but
>> this issue has been around for too long. I wish I had
>> the knowledge to fix it...
> There's a discussion on -current called "Re: [RFC] [PATCH] VM & VFS  
> changes" which may help resolve the issue of unmounting and flushing  
> the tree of filesystems more cleanly, which you should look into and  
> be willing to test as code comes out.

Nope, the ext2fs problem is different.  It is caused by ext2fs holding
persistent references to disk buffers that causes the kernel shutdown
code to to think that not all the dirty buffers have been written to
disk and skip unmounting all the file systems.

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