Quality of FreeBSD

Michael Schuh michael.schuh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 12:40:49 GMT 2005


at this point i musttail my paint with you and the other's.
I have really made a few tests on one big issue or RELENG_5.
At the time as it was early enough to change things, but the guys they
have me telled someone else have to fast machines to test ( in my eyes
they should test on some sloweer hardware, to become the maximum

I have telled some guys the problems that i have found, these Problems are 
really important for other issues ( performance from applications etc.)

but no one would really hear what i have to say, they telled me some
unrelevant ( and many bullshit), and they think not before they

so that the result for me ist to wait on RELENG_6, so that i made one
or two tests and if the tests do not perform in the right direction
then i leave the
FreeBSD and going back to Linux or switching eventually to DragonFly.

Now my question to you : is the performance of ata-related disk-access
under UFS-Filesystem not important for other application, so that the
performance can be a half of them that RELENG_4 does?

In fact under RELENG_4 i can write a GIG FIle double as fast as under
RELENG_5 ! and i would not hear any thing about serial performance or
that this is not really like the real world, if i syimulate that with:

/usr/bin/time dd if=/dev/zero of=/zerofile bs=1024 count=1024k;
this is reality poor!

I know we gave all our best, but many people are more arrogant,
and think not really...

best regards


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