6.0 BETA 1 post install issue

Derek Tattersall dlt at mebtel.net
Sun Jul 17 15:54:37 GMT 2005

If this is the wrong group to discuss 6.0 installation problems,
please refer me to the correct one.

I installed 6.0 BETA 1 yesterday via NFS from my local server.  The
installation went with no reportable problems.  However, when I got to
the post install configuration menu, I could not get the console mouse
to work.  It didn't show a pointer, even after I set the protocol
(auto) and the type (PS2).  After rebooting, I configured rc.conf by
hand and set the mouse related entries, rebooted and the mouse works
fine.  I'm not sure where to go from here.

This was on an IBM G40 laptop, on which I have installed 5.2 through
5.4 without a problem configuring the mouse for the console.

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