FYI - RELENG_6 branch has been created.

Robert Watson rwatson at
Mon Jul 11 21:04:38 GMT 2005

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Ken Smith wrote:

> Just a quick note to say that as part of the FreeBSD-6.0 Release Cycle 
> the RELENG_6 branch tag has just been created in the CVS repository. 
> In preparation for the release some places in the tree now say that this 
> branch is -STABLE but there is still work to do before this branch will 
> be ready for release.  People who are not in a position to help work out 
> the remaining bugs in the RELENG_6 branch as we work towards the 
> FreeBSD-6.0 Release should definitely continue using RELENG_5_4 or 
> RELENG_5 as appropriate.

As a further FYI, a variety of debugging features are still enabled by 
default in RELENG_6, including INVARINTS, WITNESS, and user space malloc 
debugging.  These will remain enabled through the first snapshot from the 
release candidate series in order to assist in debugging problems. 
However, anyone running RELENG_6 until that time should be aware that 
these debugging features result in a loss of 1/2 or more performance for 
many common workloads.  Depending on workload and hardware, this might or 
might not present a problem for your environment -- the features are 
invaluable in diagnosing problems, however, so if it's possible to leave 
them on in testing, that would be useful.  Obviously, tesing without them 
is also desired, as they significantly perturb timing, but the first 
question you'll get is "can you reproduce them with debugging features 
enabled?" :-).

Robert N M Watson

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