5.4-p3 and bind9: isc_mutex_init failed in new_adbfind / exited on signal 11

Andy Hilker ah at crypta.net
Tue Jul 5 11:09:39 GMT 2005


You (Mark Andrews) wrote:
> 	FreeBSD's pthread_mutex_init() (isc_mutext_init()) can fail
> 	if there is no memory.  On most other OS this is not the case.
> 	The callers to isc_mutext_init() assume that a failure is due
> 	to a double initialision and as a result log a error message
> 	when it fails.  Memory allocation failures on the other hand
> 	are not logged.

Thanks for your reply.
I think I have found the "reason". I have configured datasize value
lower than max-cache-size. Obviously this makes no sense.
Now I am waiting if it runs stable again.


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