Kernel panic on 5.3-STABLE w/ ACPI

Jon Noack noackjr at
Mon Jan 31 07:51:06 PST 2005

Admin @ InterCorner wrote:
> Hi there!
> I have sent this message before (Wed, 19 Jan 2005 04:11:40 +0100), but
> without respons. So I'll try again.
> ---
> I have gladly installed FreeBSD5 on my laptop to be free from M$ !! :D
> And soon I will install it on my worksation aswell.
> Here is (in my eyes) an unusual boot error.
> When I start my laptop everything is fine untill I have to choose how I
> want to boot FreeBSD. As a first try I choosed the default option just to
> see everything is working with the new kernel. It didn't..
> I then tryed to boot with ACPI (choise nr 2 at the bootmenu), and
> everything started upp nicely.
> I normally only want to run with ACPI enabled, so it's not a large problem
> for me.. but maby for someone else?
> I have two questions..
> 1: Is there something wrong with my kernelconfig or is it a bug?
> 2: How do I change the default boot procedure from "menu nr 1 (without
> ACPI)" to "menu nr 2 (with ACPI)"?
> I left some useful information at the bottom of this message.
> And here are a webpage that shows some information about my harware:
> Thanks!
> Anders
> <dmesg snipped>

The subject and body of your email do not match.  The subject says the
panic was w/ ACPI, while in the body you say the panic was without. 
Please try to keep these things in sync...

Thanks for the report.  If it works, the recommendation is to use ACPI. 
It is possible you chose to boot without ACPI during the FreeBSD install
(possibly safe mode?).  I have experienced that this will cause ACPI to be
disabled by adding a hint line in /boot/loader.conf (something like
'hint.acpi.0.disabled="1"').  Set this line to "0" or remove it and the
default should be to boot with ACPI enabled.


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