kernel or syslogd problem under exterme load (many processes and filedescs open)

Niki Denev nike_d at
Mon Jan 31 04:05:08 PST 2005


Recently while testing a program on a 5.3-STABLE machine
with dual Athlon MP 2200+ (SMP enabled), i made a mistake
and the program basicaly became a fork() bomb.
It flooded my dmesg and messages with these messages (which is normal):

Jan 29 18:13:20 tormentor kernel: maxproc limit exceeded by uid 1001, 
please see tuning(7) and login.conf(5).
Jan 29 18:13:25 tormentor kernel: kern.ipc.maxpipekva exceeded; see 

but i've also noticed several mangled messages in the log, like these :

Jan 29 18:08:25 tormentor kernel: kernmaxpr.ipc.maxpipekocva excee 
limidet exd;ce sedeeed t buninyg( u7)id 1001, please see tuni
ng(7) and login.conf(5).
Jan 29 18:08:28 tormentor kernel:

Probably this is some sort of race condition, either in the kernel 
output or syslogd?


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