NIC card problems....

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Jan 23 12:31:34 PST 2005

Net Virtual Mailing Lists wrote:
[ ... ]
> [ ... ]  It would be nice if somewhere there was
> some statement of a "fact" that NIC ____ is known to work well with
> FreeBSD.  I'm aware of all of the FUD out there, about people beating
> their chests saying how wonderful NIC-A is or NIC-B is, and I've tried
> 'em all and had problems with each and every one of them so far.  Surely
> someone out there must use FreeBSD in an environment where the "network
> is the bottleneck"^2 - right?....

I have never had a problem with a Intel fxp0 NIC.
My company probably has used over fifty of them.

I have never had a problem with the 3com 9xx xl0 NICs.
About ten of those are in proximity to me over the years.


DEC-branded 21x4x Tulip cards have also been good, but I've had three out of 4 
Asante cards using a PNIC Tulip lookalike have failed, and I'm dubious about 
the last one.  Avoid Tulip clones.


I've not had problems with a sis0 (NatSemi DP83815), but not enough of them to 
generalize.  I've seen mild problems with the vr0 (VIA chipsets) & Broadcom 
chips, and the Realtek and NE2000 clones that ISPs give to their customers for 
free may not be worth even that much.


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