Very large directory

Phillip Salzman phill at
Wed Jan 19 19:30:31 PST 2005


I have a pair of servers that act as SMTP/AV gateways.  It seems that even
though we've told the AV software not to store messages, it is anyway.

They've been running for a little while now - and recently we've noticed a
lot of disk space disappearing.  Shortly after that, a simple du into our
/var/spool returned a not so nice error:

	du: fts_read: Cannot allocate memory

No matter what command I run on that directory, I just don't seem to have
enough available resources  to show the files let alone delete them (echo *,
ls, find, rm -rf, etc.)

I'm hoping someone else here might have a suggestion as to what I can do to
fix this.


Phillip Salzman

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