USB scanner not attached when connected after system startup]

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sun Jan 2 05:22:25 PST 2005

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 01:17:37PM +0100, Harald Weis wrote:

Harald, I think most of us understood what you mean.

> But as I don't use the scanner every day I normally keep it
> disconnected. Up to now I am obliged to reboot the system if I want to
> use the scanner in the middle of the day. This would not be necessary
> under MacOSX for example or - I hate to make the comparison :-) -
> under Windows. So I would be happy to find some way to use the scanner
> _without_ rebooting. It seems that this (USB) issue is not addressed
> in the Handbook.

> My ``usbd -dvv'' test was just meant to check whether usbd is able to
> detect the events or not. I still believe the test is not completely
> stupid. According to usbd(8) the deamon should handle the
> attachment/detachment of the USB device, shouldn't it ? Apparently,
> usbd does not `see' whether my scanner is connected or not. What's
> wrong there ? Is there a fundamental fact I don't understand ?

Sometimes the device that gets noticed by usbd is not the device that
you eventually want. For instance, I have a usb pendrive. When I plug it
in, usbd sees a device called umass0. But what I'm interested in is the
adXsY device that represents the partition on the drive. So in this case
usbd isn't very helpfull.

I've asked this before, but you never answered; If you plug in the
scanner in a running system, do you see it in the 'dmesg' output?

If you do _not_ get a message like:

uscanner0: EPSON EPSON Scanner, rev 1.10/3.02, addr 2

in your dmesg after you plug in the scanner, I'd say that your kernel
doesn't recognize the scanner for some reason. This would be a bug in 4.x.

If it does appear, the scanner is found by the kernel. If the scanner
does not work in this case, what exactly is the reported error? If
you've not running devfs, and the scanner wasn't available at boot time,
maybe the the device node was never created? Can you confirm that the
device node for the scanner exists if you boot up without the scanner

> Can anybody out there use the 1650 under 4.x without the need to
> connect it _before_ system startup ?  

I haven't run 4.x, because it doesn't support my amd64 system. :-)

> Roland,do you need to reboot
> under 5.3 if you connect it to the running system ? 

No, its works like a charm.

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