Brief window moving delay after idle..

Jon Noack noackjr at
Thu Feb 17 20:34:05 GMT 2005

Julio Capote wrote:
> I've been on RELENG_5 for about 1 week now running ULE with PREEMPT.
> Recently, I noticed some strange behavior that could be related to
> scheduling; usually I leave my computer on all night (doing nothing as I
> sleep), But when I'd wake up, and drag a window around, it seems this
> sudden rush of input catches the scheduler by surprise and everything is
> really slow for about 5 seconds. Its a peculiar type of "slow" since
> everything moves smoothly, just 1-2 seconds behind, theres no stuttering
> at all. Gkrellm shows my cpu usage to peak for the time its really slow,
> and then drop to normal when everything "pops" back into speed. I guess
> the best way to describe it would be "bullet time" on your desktop.
Sounds like a feature... ;-)

Seriously, though:
I recently tried ULE+PREEMPTION on a few machines and got some panics on 
my SMP box 
  My UP machines haven't done anything too strange, though.  *shrug* 
Getting a lot closer, but not quite there yet...


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