UPDATE: ATA mkIII first official patches - please test!

Andrew Heybey ath at niksun.com
Wed Feb 16 16:51:36 PST 2005

ATA mkIII has improved my Toshiba Tecra M2V running RELENG_5.

Before, it would complain about "ATAPI_IDENTIFY TIMED OUT" on
ata1-slave (the cdrom is ata1-master) when booting (but still would
work).  Even worse, when resuming from a memory suspend (S3) it would
lose ad0 and hence crash, with messages on the console:

ad0: FAILURE - ATA_IDENTIFY timed out
ad0: WARNING - removed from configuration

With mkIII, it now works fine: no complaints when booting and suspend/resume
to memory works.

Thanks Søren,


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