atapci VIA 82C596B UDMA66 controller: problem for 5.X ?

Rob spamrefuse at
Wed Feb 16 05:47:13 PST 2005

--- Mars Trading <marstrade at> wrote:

> This idea may seem useless but what have you got to
> lose?
> Have you tried changing bios setting for hard drive
> mode to "auto" or
> something other than "LBA"?  Maybe "LARGE" or "CHS"?

Is there a risk that I lose all data on my disk, when
changing this in the BIOS?

BTW: During the fresh FreeBSD install, I have never
encountered a choice for formatting with or without
LBA. In the Fdisk window, I choose 'use entire disk
for FreeBSD', and in the partition window I have set
'newfs' for all partitions.


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