fixed: 5.3-stable doesn't ifconfig at startup

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Feb 13 14:56:55 PST 2005

Kenneth W Cochran wrote:

> How can I make sure that I have "correct"/proper owner:group:mode
> within the "system?"  It looks to me like install{world,kernel}
> fix them but what of /etc?  In other words, how can I "audit" the
> permissions in the system in general and /etc in particular?

That depends on what your goals are. As you surmise, the installworld target 
will handle the permissions for the system generally. One of the main 
reasons mergemaster was written was to handle these issues for /etc.

> Can mergemaster preserve the file modification time(s) of what it
> installs (from /usr/src/*)?

The short answer is no, it has no interest in that. But I'm curious, why do 
you care?



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